Drums for Solar is an innovative project that is collaborating with small West African villages to create stand-alone energy systems.

In many parts of the world, remote communities exist without electricity or running water. These communities could greatly benefit from self-sustainable alternative energy technologies.

While maintaining the ecological balance of these rural communities, solar energy systems can be applied to sustain critical life essentials, such as a small health clinic.

The communities that could most benefit from the applications of these technologies are also the communities that lack the economic resources. 

The one commodity that these communities usually have to barter is their crafts. By directly purchasing African crafts such as drums, masks, robes, and carvings, Drums for Solar can mediate solutions by selling crafts in the US, thereby providing a means by which to supply solar energy systems. This means that these communities can receive energy systems without acquiring a financial debt.


We are currently in the process of developing two pilot sites for these goals to materialize in the West African countries of Senegal and Mali. While maintaining cultural sensitivity, Drums for Solar can learn from projects that have failed in the past and successfully place solar projects.

Much research is being done in this area giving Drums for Solar information to create realistic project plans. Grants are also being researched which can potentially finance the installation of small photovoltaic systems designed to create electricity that will power vaccine refrigeration, lighting, communications, water purification, income generation and irrigation.

These two pilot sites will serve as a home base to provide training for installations and maintenance of solar energy projects for surrounding sites as “Drums for Solar” expands their project goals.

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